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Church Growth is Great, But...

Church growth can come at a price.

When is a problem a good thing? When the problem is that your church is growing too fast, you can praise God that more people are being reaching. But growth brings with it a new set of issues: how can your current facilities and programs accommodate an influx of people? And how can you convince your current members that change is not only necessary, but good.

This week we are featuring a new interactive assessment that will help you determine if it is time for your church to add another service. Charles Arn, president of Church Growth, Inc. and member of our Ask the Experts panel, offers practical questions to help you figure out if your church is ready to step out and begin planning another service.

This assessment also asks you to consider whether your people are ready for change. As great as it is to grow and expand your ministries, this can backfire if you don't prepare people for the changes.

When have you experience resistance to change? How did you help move people from resistance ...

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