Coaching the Full Life

Use the principles of coaching to lead people to lasting change.

"Coach." The word conjures up many images these days. Not long ago it simply referred to the person calling the shots on a sports team. But in the last decade or so this has changed. Life coaches, corporate coaches, leadership coaches, relationship coaches, career coaches, etc., are now familiar vocations in society. Most people today either know a coach or know someone who is receiving coaching.

However, as widespread as coaching has become, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding it. This might be especially true in the church world. I was a lead pastor in Cleveland, Ohio when a congregant told me she was considering a career in coaching. While I supported her decision, at the time I did not see how coaching would become such a relevant and valuable resource in the church.

This changed dramatically for me a few years ago when I myself became a professional leadership coach. As I began training for my new vocation, my eyes opened to the power of coaching and its nuanced skills in understanding ...

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