I was feeling a little depressed last week because I found out that the Hostess Corporation declared bankruptcy, carrying more than $800 million of debt. We still haven't recovered from the crash of 2008, and the election year already seems even more rancorous than usual, but the thought of a world without Twinkies is too much to bear. My own personal belief is that the Twinkie is one of the great arguments for God.

There were also a few other emotional challenges that contributed to my feeling down. Someone at our church had given a really bad sermon (me), and I got into a really stupid argument that I had to go back and apologize for.

Then I got a call from my friend. Over time we have more or less drifted into the custom of calling each other early Monday morning to pray for each other. (At least it's early for me; he lives in Atlanta so much of his day goes unblessed. This is one of many reasons why it's wise to live in California.)

Somehow, whatever is going on in my life, it looks and ...

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