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May 2012

Faith, Science, & the Resurrection (Part 1)
What the Resurrection says about the nature of the cosmos, and how it might impact the science vs. faith debate.
Why the Church Should Still Publicly Oppose Gay Marriage
Not opposing same sex marriage may not solve Christianity's image problem.
How Can Churches Fend Off Compassion Fatigue?
How Can Churches Fend Off Compassion Fatigue?
10 ways to keep your people motivated.
Why Legalizing Gay Marriage May Be Good for the Church
How the church can thrive by focusing on the battles that really matter.
Joel Hunter Responds to Obama's Gay Marriage Endorsement
The president's spiritual adviser disagrees with him on gay marriage, but calls the church to a wiser response.
My Life as a Freeway
And it's where you're headed, too.
Obama Endorses Same Sex Marriage--Now What?
3 reasons he did, and where Christians should focus their attention.
Kids Today: The Worried Generation
Anyone who works with children has likely seen how worry works to weigh a child down.
Andy Stanley, Al Mohler, and Homosexuality
Stanley gives a sermon about tension, and Mohler refuses to live in it.
When the Unsinkable Sank
Leadership lessons from the deck of Titanic
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