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Four Keys to Effective Communications

Develop a lens through which to examine—plan and evaluate—communication pieces.

Developing an organization's communications strategy is a lot like determining where to fish: question after question. Where do you drop your line? To what depth? Using what bait and hook? Are fish even in this area?

The folks who must firmly hold onto the ever-slippery responsibility of delivering effective communications know that decisions must be made. While a nearly endless supply of books, videos, courses, degrees, workshops, and articles exist on distributing messages well, many organizations share a very common and basic challenge: building a framework.

Specifically, a framework serves an organization by providing a consistent perspective on what "effective" really means. Creative isn't the same thing as effective, though it might help. The latest technology won't ensure success, though it, too, might help. Supportive design, strong content, medium, brevity: all serve as communication factors, not guarantors of success. All should be considered, but ...

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