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My Calling

From restaurant manager to pastor
My Calling

Little Tijuana's is the oldest Mexican restaurant in Minneapolis. My dad opened "Little T's" in the 1960s, and our family lived above it on the second floor. Dad was a restaurateur. Mexican. Chinese. Fish and Chips. Fine dining. He opened them all. Restaurant life was demanding but fun. I played pool, washed dishes, cleaned bathrooms, even learned how to cook before I reached my teens.

My dream was to be a restaurateur, like my dad.

Ours was not a faith-based home. We did not attend church. We did not know God. And the all-day, every-day, all-year demand of restaurant life took its toll. I was 10 when my parents divorced. Mom moved all seven children to another state. I longed to be with Dad. That crucible moment would eventually point me to God.

I believe that everyone receives thousands of G.P's (God Promptings) in their lifetime. Before I ever looked for God in my life, he was already looking for me (Ezek. 34:11-13). God's pursuit was unrelenting following my ...

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