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Free indeed?

Doing Good News Goodly

Moving away from an "oppressive" gospel.
Doing Good News Goodly

Enjoy this fresh piece from professor and pastor A.J. Swoboda, giving good wisdom for relating to a common historical objection to our faith. Have Christians oppressed others? Without a doubt. Is Christianity oppressive? Quite the opposite. -Paul

I sat at the front of the classroom, computer open, desiring to finish my lecture. Then the student finally blurted out what I could tell he'd wanted to say for the past hour:

"Here's my problem: Christianity is inherently oppressive. It forces people to become what they're not. It makes everyone feel guilty. It's just one big shame system. . ."

The class, full of pastors like myself, sat there silently, searching for what to say. I was proud he said it—even if I disagreed. It took guts to say it. They were painful words at the time and they're painful to remember.

Sometimes it's best for a professor just to move on and let things pass. Or at least take a five-minute bathroom break, even if it is ...

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