October 2014

The Old School of Ordinary
The Old School of OrdinarySubscriber Access Only
An Interview with Michael Horton.
Leaning Into Community
Mirrors dimly
Leaning Into CommunitySubscriber Access Only
Anne Marie Miller on what keeps us from knowing and being known.
Doing More TogetherSubscriber Access Only
Collaborative partnerships transform both the community and the church.
Articulated Pain
Articulated PainSubscriber Access Only
Did "the" church hurt you, or "a" church? There's a world of difference.
In Word, In Deed
"The just man justices..."
In Word, In DeedSubscriber Access Only
Eugene Cho on the underrated need for quiet works of justice.
Our Difficult Balance
Our Difficult BalanceSubscriber Access Only
How do we handle the disappointed expectations of ministry?
Serving Immigrants Saved Our Church
Serving Immigrants Saved Our ChurchSubscriber Access Only
How welcoming in the stranger revived a declining congregation.
Together, Without GodSubscriber Access Only
New atheist communities look a lot like church.
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