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The Temple Market

SALE! This week only! Come and see!
The Temple Market
Image: Seth Hahne


Temple Market is a contemporary
retail center located in the heart
of thriving Beit YHWH.

Greatly renovated and expanded
in recent years, the Beit’s
sun-drenched courtyards

offer breathtaking views
from high atop Mt. Moriah.
And we’ve made parking easy!

Hitch camel and donkey
alike at clearly marked
locations around the temple wall.

Then, after a relaxing mikveh
and mani-pedi, head on over
and sacrifice one of our lambs.


Welcome to Temple Market!
To ensure a safe and enjoyable
experience, please show

courtesy to fellow shoppers
by not using profanity or engaging
in disruptive or offensive behavior.

Proper attire, including robe
and sandals, must be worn at all times.
Children must be supervised.


SALE. This week only,
buy one male lamb,
get one FREE sheaf
of harvest grain!

Best way to prepare
for the Feast of Firstfruits


Visit Abe’s Small Ruminants


And making a whip of cords he drove them out of the courtyard and threw their cash registers, ...

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