The Aagards: Hunger and Thirst

Wayne and JoAnne Aagard, now in their early fifties, have also been working a long time to open up their souls to one another. In some ways their current pastorate at Saint Michael's Presbyterian Church in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, is a good setting for their personal struggle; the congregation is strong, the Session cooperative, the two associate ministers competent as well as loyal. Unlike some of their earlier posts of duty, there are no fires raging in the membership.

Wayne in some ways is another David Owens (see chapter 14)—handsome, energetic, goal-oriented, at the peak of his powers, in love with the ministry. Some might even call him driven. He does not come off that way in public, however; he moves easily among people, his greetings and stories lighting up their faces.

JoAnne, on the other hand, is not quite the self-starter Jackie Owens is. She has carried a running quarrel with the "pastor's wife" image from the beginning. Her model as a girl growing up was not positive, and so ...

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