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The Scullys: Mind Games

The congregational storm that struck the Arcola Christian Church four months after Nick Scully's arrival centered on him, but it was not of his making. He and Diane thought they had been simply following the board's direction, shopping for a home on the basis that the church would loan them a down payment.

When the matter came to a business meeting for approval, however, objections popped up immediately. Nick soon realized the members had not been informed of the board's promise. "What if you leave in a couple of years?" one man demanded. "Why should the church help you buy a home for yourself?"

Nick and Diane excused themselves from the meeting, promising to adjust to whatever the members voted. The motion was defeated that night, and the couple ended up arranging other housing.

Nick's relaxed manner in the pulpit was another bone of contention for some in the pews. True to their Missouri temperament, a fair number took a "Show me" attitude toward this couple from Pennsylvania. People commented ...

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