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The Franciscos: An Error in Judgment

When after four years Jeff Francisco began to think about leaving Hooper, Nebraska, he knew any transition would have its perils. Linda was getting along well now, her middle-of-the-night emotional crash not much more than a memory (see chapter 2). She had stabilized to the point of feeling comfortable in this little town. If she had to get used to a new setting, would terror strike all over again?

A young couple in the church said to Jeff one day, "You know, you've taught us so much about being open and caring for one another. But if the time should ever come that you leave our church, we'll probably leave too."

Jeff and Linda talked a lot about that remark. It symbolized their hunch that this congregation, given its rural traditionalism, would probably never move fully into the deep ministry to one another that was so central to their idea of Christianity. People were attracted to the two of them personally, but the concept wasn't sticking. Would another ten years make it stick? Probably ...

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