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Understanding Your Role in the System

My responsibility is to be a supervisor, not a superworker.
Fred Smith

Have you noticed that the simplest, most fundamental questions can be the most difficult to answer? Anyone who's raised small children knows the challenge of defining the basics. Try answering "What's gravity, Daddy?"

Leaders, too, may be tripped up by the fundamentals: What am I to do? Of the many things that need to be done in this church or organization, what few belong to me? In short, what is my role?

One person who communicates these fundamentals of leadership clearly is Fred Smith.

Fred cannot be easily described. He is a businessman, consultant, public speaker, active Christian. Even meetings become interesting when Fred is in them. He has an unusual ability to pinpoint the real issue, to cut through the undergrowth.

When Fred was forty, he turned down the presidency of a national corporation so he could divide his attention among business, education, religion, and lecturing. He has served on more than twenty boards ...

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