Caring for Key Leaders

A church is not a clinic in which a faceless and interchangeable staff services the clientele by showing up and handing out pills. The staff of a church is a living, breathing family. We may wrestle at times. We may injure one another sometimes and rescue each other at others. But we're in it together and need one another.

— Bruce Larson

For several years in Seattle, I owned a sailboat that I loved to take out on Puget Sound to get away from it all. I kept a picture of it on my desk, and it provided a fantasy outlet for me. If things get really bad, I thought, I can get on that boat and sail right out of here!

Well, things never got that bad, thanks to the fact that so many people were caring for me, not the least of those being my wife, Hazel (in spite of the fact that last year she talked me into selling the boat!). Actually, Hazel and I have understood our need for care since my first pastorate.

That first church out of Princeton Seminary was in Binghamton, New York, where I was associate ...

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