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Ministry to Deep-Pocket Donors

Just as people with the gifts of mercy, music, or leadership need cultivation and sometimes a challenge, so do those with the gift of giving.
—Wayne Pohl

In the early stages of a building-fund drive, I asked my secretary to schedule a lunch appointment for me with a church member who had given generously in the past. Three weeks later when we sat together at a local restaurant, I noticed he held in his hand a bundle of envelopes.

He fanned them out on the table and said, "I know why you asked me out to lunch. I hope it's important because lots of requests are coming across my desk." Pointing to the envelopes he said, "These are the appeals I've received since your secretary called."

Competition for the donations of deep-pocket donors is at an all-time high. Ours is a needy world, and thankfully more and more parachurch groups and charities are trying to do something about it. And they have sophisticated fund-raising tools at their disposal: direct mail, telemarketing, telethons and television ...

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