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Helping Your Family Enjoy Ministry

Taking advantage of the perks of ministry is one of the best ways to foster healthy attitudes toward the church and ministry.
—Kent Hughes

We moved to College Church when our oldest daughter, now a missionary, was sixteen. Holly hadn't wanted to come. Understandably she felt robbed of her identity, having been uprooted from her school, the friends she grew up with, and all she knew and loved. Inside she was an angry young girl.

We knew she was angry and discussed it with her, believing it would soon pass. But within her there was a deeper subterranean river of rage that boiled to the surface after a few months. She had huge resentments against me and the church. I may have been "called"—but she wasn't!

Our sweet daughter, who had never had a rebellious day in her life, became secretive and developed some dangerous relationships that threatened to ruin her life. I actually feared that we might lose her.

At one point, in fact, I began to question my own fitness for ministry—if I failed in parenting, ...

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