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Currents Shaping My Church: Has Your Church Jumped the Shark?
Leadership lessons from Fonzie's waterskiing feat.
Going New School
Emerging business trend can energize ministry.
Looking for Leaders
What does leadership look like in the emergent generation?
From First Chair to Second Fiddle
Your calling to ministry may lead from senior pastor to associate.
Discerning Your Church's Hidden Core Values
It's the unstated, underlying purpose that really drives a church.
Put an End to Trading Season
What it takes to make your ministry a true contender.
Reverse Mentoring
The new learning curve is from the bottom up.
Church Is Simple. No, Really
Simple Church book review.
Show, Don't Tell
Angelic host proclaims: Jim Walker calls his approach to preaching "fellowship with the Word."
When Ministry Jumps the Shark
Can we recover from goofy, life-altering episodes?