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Play What You Feel
How rediscovering artistic freedom changed my leadership.
The Pioneer's Path
How do you lead without a role model?
Confidence Without Clarity
When perfectly clear vision isn't there, how does a leader move forward?
"Ragamuffin" - A Brief Review
An artist/pastor responds to the new Rich Mullins film
Blessed are you
The Right Kind of Desperate
Losing cultural power can point Christians to Jesus.
Singing Though the Scroll is Sealed
What happens to worship when questions overwhelm?
Published from the housetops?
Seeking Eyes and Ears
On publishing scandals and a pastor’s heart to be heard.
Not far from any of us
A Faithfulness Deeper than Feeling
Spiritual angst is so 2013.
Experts in Weakness
I don't fit the typical definition of a "strong" leader, and I am glad I don't.
Mary, Martha, and Slow Church
An interview with Chris Smith and John Pattison