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Downplaying Sunday
Church services can still be attractive when we stop being attractional.
My First Sexuality Sermon
Can I keep it biblical and interesting without becoming TOO interesting?
A Theology of Tears
Why do we believe ‘There’s no crying in ministry’?
Healing and Marching in the Wake of Injustice
How two churches in Cincinnati responded to the shooting of Sam DuBose.
10 Novels for Discipleship
What if we recommended fiction alongside non-fiction when discipling others?
Great Leaders Know How to Handle Their Emotions
But that probably doesn’t mean what you think.
When a Leader Doesn’t Know She’s a Leader
How to develop and encourage the emerging leaders around you
What Gets People to Want What’s Right?
There are better ways to motivate than should, ought, and must.
Flesh Pinched in the Cogs
When ministry expectations draw blood.
The Wise Child-King
4 practices for leading with healthy childlikeness.
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