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Rabbit Trails to God
John Updike has made a career of writing the most theological novels in America
Backdraft Preaching
Facing the Self-Sufficient
How do you pastor someone who doesn't see a need for God?
The Good Fight
4 spiritual disciplines to keep fights from scarring your soul.
Racial Segregation
Heaven will not be segregated.
Messy, Costly, Dirty Ministry
The risk of welcoming those nobody else wants.
Sex & the City of God
How do we respond to a corrupted culture? Two faulty examples and a better one
The Way We Do Things Here
How a doctor showed me that efficiency can be another word for the sin of impatience.
Deepen Your Calling
Equip yourself and other leaders to understand and live out your callings.
Corporate Spiritual Disciplines
Practicing the disciplines together, why and how.
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