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Who Is God?

I was recently asked to reflect upon the question, "Who/what is God?" in 100 words or less. It took me longer to write those 100 words than it would if I'd been given 1000! They've been published on a new religion and spirituality website, patheos.com. I'll give you my response below, but to read the six other bloggers who responded, and to post your own attempt, go to "God in 100 Words or Less."

My thoughts:

"He is the image of the invisible God..." (Colossians 1:15).

In Jesus, we see God, broken and beautiful. The abstract becomes concrete. In Jesus, we see God, who welcomes children, touches a bleeding woman, a leper, a blind man, challenges religious leaders and prostitutes alike. We see God, who condemns the sin that breaks us, who heals and restores the broken. We see God, on the cross, broken for us. God, raised to life, beautiful. In Jesus, we see God, the one who walked among us, the one who, amidst our brokenness, calls forth our beauty.

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