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Have you seen Avatar?

And if so, what did you think?

I'm particularly curious for two reasons.

One, Peter and I make it to a movie in the theater on average once a year. Literally. Last movie we saw in a theater was Slumdog Millionaire. We saw Avatar last week. Now, again, I never go to the movies. So the fact that I recommend it is not that surprising. But there it is.

Okay, the other reason I'm curious whether you saw Avatar is because I just reviewed it for Christianity Today's Women's blog! The blog's editor emailed last week to ask if I'd like to become a contributer, and the irony is that my first contribution is about the ONE movie I've seen in the past year. Anyway, I wrote about the spiritual (with Christian undertones, note her name) transformation of Dr. Grace Augustine. To read more, here it is: Dr. Grace Augustine: Avatar's Christian Character? And if you're up for it, post a comment. That way they know people are reading, and I actually am curious what other people think!

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