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Books that Bridge the Religion Gulf

One of my hopes as a writer is that I would be in conversation with people who don't see the world the way I do. I'd like to offer my perspective as a Christian in a way that encourages dialogue and invites relationship with people of other faiths, people who don't know what they believe, and people with no particular faith at all. So I'm excited to share this endorsement of A Good and Perfect Gift:

A Good and Perfect Gift is loving, thoughtful, and full of just the kind of spiritual questions that so many family members - including those who aren't Christian, like me - have had, too. It's sweet and lovely, and I'm very glad it exists.

–Rachel Simon, bestselling author of Riding the Bus with my Sister and The Story of Beautiful Girl

And I'm curious: what books by people of a different religious background or faith tradition than your own have you enjoyed? Did you enjoy them because you learned and understood something differently than before or because you found points of connection with your own faith?

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