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Why Support of the "It Gets Better" Project Should Be a Christian Cause

Issues surrounding sexuality make headlines all the time. Same-sex marriage in New York State... Questions about children's sexual identities discussed on Motherlode... And, all too often, Christians condemning these conversations.

My fellow her.meneutics blogger Karen Swallow Prior has written an article for Relevant Magazine: "Who Would Jesus Bully?" in which she argues that the "It Gets Better" project to support gay teens through the difficult high school years should be supported rather than derided by Christians. In her words,

...I can—and do—support any campaign that fights death and gives hope.

Because people near and dear to me are homosexual. And people near and dear to me have committed suicide. And I want them to know—wish they had known—that it—life—can, truly, get better.

Furthermore, if we value human life, particularly as those of us who describe ourselves as pro-life say we do, then surely we want to protect the lives of these vulnerable young people from harm, whether at their own hands or at the hands of bullies...

Click here to read the article in full. What do you think?

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