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What I'm Reading: Sex Trafficking in Connecticut, A Child with Down Syndrome, and Running

"Sex Trafficking of Americans: The Girls Next Door" is a disturbing article in Vanity Fair about the young (very young) girls who are bought and sold for sex. And this isn't just happening overseas. The article focuses on two girls in Connecticut who found themselves trapped in a system of abuse and drug use until the police got involved.

"Our Daughter's Down Syndrome Has Taken Us on a Beautiful Journey," a sweet essay by a father about his 14-year old daughter who has Down syndrome. He writes:

Clare embodies that mystery of human existence – the mixture of delight and emotional hardship each of us lives daily. Somehow, the crushing suffering that Clare's birth seemed to foretell for her and her family turned out instead to be substantial joy.

I know just what he means.

Finally, "A Verb for Our Frantic Times" is a NYTimes essay about how the verb "run" has taken over the lexicon.

Happy reading this Memorial Day!

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