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Some Thoughts on Amazon and A Good and Perfect Gift

A number of you have written me to ask, "Will A Good and Perfect Gift be available on Kindle?"

YES! Unfortunately, neither I nor my publisher has any control over when Amazon will make the book available on Kindle. I have been told that it usually takes two to three weeks. I will post an announcement here when it becomes available. Meanwhile, visit the Amazon site and click the button that says, "I'd like to read this book on Kindle."

A few of you have also asked me when there will be reviews of the book on Amazon. And the answer is, "As soon as you want them to be!" So if you read A Good and Perfect Gift, and especially if you like it, go to the Amazon site and scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says, "Create Your Review." You can then rate the book and offer some comments that will hopefully encourage others to buy it. You can also suggest "tags" for the book that will help Amazon categorize it so that people searching for certain topics might happen upon it.

Finally, a number of you posted on Facebook, tweeted, commented here, and sent me personal emails of encouragement. Thank you! Feel free to keep it up. I will post the winner of the book giveaway on Monday, and I'll also resume posts that aren't all A Good and Perfect Gift-centered then as well.


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