My Life as a God Blogger

I think my interview last week with Drew Marshall as his weekly "God blogger" might have been my favorite interview ever. Not only did he acknowledge the fact that my name is just plain difficult for interviewers–they either stumble to call me Amy Julia or they shorten it to Amy, which I don't love, so Drew just went with AJ–but he also admitted that he doesn't know much about Down syndrome, which led to a really open and honest, sometimes funny, conversation. I totally flubbed the question about what Down syndrome has to do with Martin Luther King, which is a bummer. And I'm still thinking of a response to Drew's parting words... (but you'll have to listen to know what they were, at least until I find time to write a post about them...) I should add that Lauren Winner was interviewed earlier in the day, as was Lex Luger, a former professional wrestler. Strange company I keep. Enjoy the show by clicking here.



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