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Who I'm Reading: an Introduction to Ellen Painter DollarAn introduction to blogger Ellen Painter Dollar, who writes about faith, parenting, ethics, and disability

Readers who are familiar with this blog will recognize my friend and colleague Ellen Painter Dollar. She and I met through an online debate about whether or not disability should be cured (see my piece for Christianity Today and Ellen's response), and we've continued the dialogue for a few years now, covering topics such as adoption, abortion, and disability. Ellen and I are also now friends in the flesh. We live close enough to get together once a month to discuss writing and books and ideas, and I am grateful for her insights and her friendship. In case you haven't spent time on her blog before, or even if you have and need a reminder of her clear and thoughtful prose:

I blog for the Patheos Progressive Christian Channel on parenting, disability, ethics, and faith. Here are a few of my most popular posts so far this year:

I Have a Kid Hangover (But Manage to Write Anyway)  – Thoughts on writing amid the chaos of raising kids

Message to the Nones: Don't Reject God Because of Human Suffering or Christian BS – A response to a viral blog post by a Texas mom explaining why she is raising her children without religion (Language alert: In the actual post, I use the unabbreviated version of *that* word in the title)

Progressive Christians Do Care About Abortion: A Response to Rachel Held Evans – A discussion of the complexities of dwelling in the "muddled middle" on abortion

No, the Crucifixion is Not About Bloody Child Sacrifice Being Necessary for Forgiveness – A Good Friday discussion of new ways of interpreting the cross and atonement

Taboo Stories About Disability: What We're Not Allowed to Say – An examination of how certain types of stories (those that admit to ambivalence, struggle, complexity) are often unwelcome in conversations around disability

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