April 2014

Enough Time to Pray, Even as a Mother: An Interview with Micha BoyettThe author of Found talks about prayer, parenting, and grace
Enough Time to Pray, Even as a Mother: An Interview with Micha Boyett

I first happened upon Micha Boyett's blog, then called The Mama Monk, a few years ago. A young mother trying to figure out how to reimagine her life as a Christian now that she had small children and housework rather than "official ministry" to do, a young mother ...

Fun Book News and Weekly Roundup 4.3.14News about my new book, plus some great articles about faith, family, and disability
Fun Book News and Weekly Roundup 4.3.14
Image: GlynLowe/Flickr

On Monday of this past week I hit "send" and submitted the final final final draft of my manuscript for my next book, Small Talk: Learning from my Children about What Matters Most. It's a book filled with thoughts and questions that my children have asked or ...

In Defense of Helicopter ParentingI wouldn't go back to an earlier era of parenting even if I could.
In Defense of Helicopter Parenting
Image: stephanski Flickr

I think of myself as a rather laissez faire parent. I believe in germs and dirt. My kids, including my three-year old, go outside and play without my immediate supervision. When they fall down, I wait to make sure they are really truly hurt before I comfort them (like when ...

Why Pope Francis is Right About ConfessionI'm not planning to become Catholic, but I am grateful for the Pope's example
Why Pope Francis is Right About Confession

Last Friday, Pope Francis broke with tradition when he knelt down at a confessional in public view and gave his confession to an ordinary priest. Typically the Pope confesses in private, but after preaching a sermon in which he talked about our common sinfulness, he also ...

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