August 2014

Model Minorities: Welcome to the ChurchBut stay away from our daughters. A guest post by Romesh Wijesooriaya
Model Minorities: Welcome to the Church
Image: picture dustin/flickr

"Romesh, sorry, we can't 'go together' anymore, my mom says I'm not allowed." --my first girlfriend in 6th grade, who was part of a white evangelical family.

"Romesh, we are not allowed to date, the Bible says that interracial dating is a ...

Introducing My Blog Series on RaceA dozen women and men have contributed essays related to racial reconciliation in the evangelical church.
Introducing My Blog Series on Race

I will never forget sitting at the dinner table with a group of college friends when one of them, a white young man I didn't know all that well, made a disparaging remark about taking a "big black girl" to an upcoming formal dance. I didn't laugh along with ...

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