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January 1 1982, 1982
Volume 26, Number 1
January 1
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Taking Higher Aim for the New Year
We grow by setting goals that seem beyond our grasp.
John Perkins, the Stature of a Servant
Through Voice of Calvary Ministries he has dealt with housing, health care, nutrition, and education.
An Interview with: John Perkins, the Prophet
We (Christians) have stopped short of being the incarnated life of God.
Playing the Good News Melody Off-Key
A national newspaper observes that the “evangelical awakening” seems to have little effect upon the morals of the country.
Rise to the Occasion, Take Time for Today
Today is our handle on eternity, the only time for which God holds us accountable.
Pat Robertson’s Network Breaks out of the Christian Ghetto
CBN tries to reach a secular audience with a subtler message.
Everybody, It Seemed, Supported the Homosexuals in Palo Alto
Everybody except the voters, that is.
How to Be a Fisher of Businessmen
Buddy Childress finds evangelizing executives harder than being one.
Supreme Court Defends Religious Freedom on College Campuses
The Widmar decision could affect nearly half of America’s universities by restoring religious worship.
Cults: ‘A Reality that Has Staggered Our Imaginations’
Cult watchers compare notes on a growing menace.
Refiner’s Fire: John Green’s Inspiration
“I felt God intended me to write this piece.”
Minister’s Workshop: A “Sad” Sermon Analysis
How to tell a preacher the people stopped listening.
Critical Conservatism
A place to stand.