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March 20 1987, 1987
Volume 31, Number 5
March 20
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Hear from our readers
Light at Tunnel’s End
What hope do we offer those facing their darkest days?
Melting Accomplishments
What do I have to show for my efforts? What lasts?
“We May Never Go Home”
Volunteering with the Billy Graham crusades became more than a hobby for this couple.
The Judgement Mentality
It is not our job to make AIDS victims feel worse.
Too Young to Die
Suicide seems like an easy out to teenagers who aren’t yet ready to cope with life.
Mitch Anthony’s War
How Christians can join the fight against suicide
Sleepers in the Hands of an Angry God
We must wake up to the importance of God’s jealous rage.
Universalism: Will Everyone Be Saved?
The lost will perish indeed. But Christ died to save the lost.
Fire, Then Nothing
Clark Pinnock shares the current thinking on annihilationism.
Everlasting Punishment
Can we not read annihilation into some of the words used to describe the fate of unbelievers?
All Are Saved Except
"Theology must be a communal work. If I’m wrong, I want to be corrected."
Troublesome Questions
The human mind, through rational argument, cannot penetrate the fragmentary data and arrive at conclusions about the nature of life after death.
Classic & Contemporary Excerpts from March 20, 1987
Thoughts from Bonhoeffer, Chesterton, and E. M. Bounds.
The State of Christian Broadcasting
As the number of religious broadcasters increases, so do concerns about fund-raising practices.
Ethnic Chinese Churches Prepare for Influx of Hong Kong Immigrants
Chinese churches form energetic centers of activity in their communities.
Supreme Court Will Rule on Moment-of-Silence Law
Will the Court refine the three-part test used to determine a law’s purpose and intent?
This Congressman Preaches in Church Every Sunday
Shortening the distance between the sacred and the profane.
Joint Commission Agrees on Meaning of Salvation
The Anglican-Catholic dialogue continues.
CT Talks to Jürgen Moltmann
Scorpions, Worms, and Iranian Missiles
Is my own physical safety more significant than the deaths of 10,000 refugees?