Want to be famous? Go to Israel and predict Jesus' return

Last week, reports yesterday's Washington Times, David Parsons, spokesman for the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem was contacted by media around the world looking for people predicting the end of the world. Of the media who contacted him, "At least half of them said, 'I only want the crazies,' " he said.

Christian rap hits the mainstream

"Christian music doesn't get much air play, and Christian rap gets even less," says the Associated Press. But Knolly Williams and his Grapetree records are changing that.

Chinese Communists upset about millennium language

Qianxi nian (thousand happiness year) has "religious connotation," says Worker's Daily, according to the South China Morning Post. "No one should participate in any celebrations to greet thousand happiness year which could affect stability and unity."

In Hollywood, Christianity is now cool—and bankable

So reports the Christian Science Monitor. And, as noted elsewhere (such as Entertainment Weekly), it's the next big thing in publishing, television, and other pop culture pipes too.

Christian music more likely than most to see Internet windfall

Contemporary Christian Music and country are "the genres represent[ing] the fastest-growing online music segment," reports computing news site CNet. Artists who appeal to both markets (like Amy Grant) may have even bigger potential.

Have the Christians Saved Civilization?

In a special Christmas article for the Los Angeles Times, author Thomas Cahill looks at the "two packages" of Christianity: those who call themselves Christians, and those who live by Christ's peaceful teachings.

I Heard No Bells on New Year's Day

Britain's heaviest church bells will remain silent on Millennium night after a freak accident nearly cost a ringer his arm, reports the Telegraph. Meanwhile, elsewhere in England, Lincolnshire's St. Peter's Church will be one of the few to ring in a millennium twice, according to the Sunday Times.

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