December (Web-only) 1999

Pope and LWF President Praise Agreement Between Catholics and Lutherans
Work toward Eucharistic sharing next, say leaders
Sudan Releases Jailed Catholic Priests
President Resolves Impasse in Contrived Bombing Trial
The New Age Is Over
Now that Neopaganism has replaced the New Age Movement, flaws in evangelicals' criticism are obvious.
Believers Charitable to Male Gigolo
What Christian critics are saying about Toy Story 2, The Green Mile, and other top films.
Millennium Warning Over Fire Danger in Jerusalem Church
No agreement on Church of the Holy Sepulcher emergency exit
Abortion Advocacy Overseas Restricted for First Time Since 1993
Only $15 million of $385 million family-planning budget to go to organizations supporting abortion
Churches Told to Tackle 'Outrage' of Trafficking in Women
Eastern European women now 'fashion' in trafficked women
Church Readies 1700th Anniversary Amid Assassinations New Leadership
New head of Armenian Apostolic Church wants to bring order
Son's Death Shakes Up Unification Church
Sun Myung Moon calls death 'providential' accident, not suicide.
The Gospel According to Stephen King
The world's most famous 'horror writer' is also one of its most spiritually attuned novelists.
Nigeria On the Brink of Religious War
Northern states adopt Islamic law, increasing Christian-Muslim tensions.
Peru's Christians Oppose Presidential Vow to End Pardons
More than 300 unjustly accused of terrorist involvement will remain in jail, say critics
Capitol Hill Embroiled in Controversy After Catholic is Rejected as Chaplain
Priest would have been first non-Protestant in House post
Patriarchs and Presidents to Gather in Bethlehem for Orthodox Christmas
January 7 meeting to be first such meeting in many years
The Grahams Respond
Ned has our 'full and complete confidence and support'
Letters to the Editor
Readers respond to Ned Graham's woes, same-sex unions, and other topics
Macau Missionaries Value Prayer During Handover to China
Christians hope for autonomy like Hong Kong's
Did Carey Really Deny that Copts Are Persecuted?
Was the Archbishop of Canterbury misquoted? What did he really mean?
Frankenstein's Monster Returns
A discussion of recreating consciousness reminds us not to skip the footnotes.
The Culture of the Market: A Christian Vision
A Coptic bishop explains biblical economics to a Muslim newspaper
Nigeria's Churches Welcome Decision to Return Former Mission Schools
Christian Association of Nigeria hopes schools will become 'centers of excellence'
Grand Themes of D.L. Moody
The life and teachings of Mr. Protestant are required lessons for today's church.
2000 Years After Christ's Birth Bethlehem's Shepherds Are Dwindling
Even modernized shepherds 'facing the threat of extinction'
Astronomer Discovers Star of Bethlehem
Rutgers University professor believes Jupiter, other bodies key to biblical mystery.
Christ Is Born Let Us Keep the Feast and Leap Before Him
A 1,626-year-old Christmas sermon reminds us why we celebrate
C.S. Lewis on Christmas
C.S. Lewis on Christmas
Lewis summed up Christmas in one sentence: 'The Son of God became a man to enable men to become the sons of God.'
Bethlehem on a Budget
Planning a church budget and the Christmas story share surprising similarities
Cosmic Combat Part 1
(Part 1 23)On earth, a baby was born, a king got wind of it, a chase ensued. In heaven, the Great Invasion had begun: a daring raid by the ruler of the forces of good into the universe's seat of evil.
Cosmic Combat Part 2
(Part 12 3)On earth, a baby was born, a king got wind of it, a chase ensued. In heaven, the Great Invasion had begun: a daring raid by the ruler of the forces of good into the universe's seat of evil.
Cosmic Combat Part 3
(Part 12 3)On earth, a baby was born, a king got wind of it, a chase ensued. In heaven, the Great Invasion had begun: a daring raid by the ruler of the forces of good into the universe's seat of evil.
Baptist Congressmen Call for Clinton Press Secretary Resignation
Offense taken by official's 'religious hatred' comment
Christian Engineer Arrested in Saudi Arabia
Charges Against Filipino Termed Religious-Related
Two Baptist Pastors Arrested by Secret Police in Turkmenistan
Crackdown on Unregistered Minority Communities Continues
Top Religion Stories of the Decade
As selected by CT editors and writers
Year by Year
The decade's top religion stories, according to Christianity TodayBy year: Weblog
Top stories elsewhere about Christians and Christianity
China's Three Self Churches Seminaries Bursting
Younger Chinese drastically changing congregational demographics
Turkmenistan Deports Two Baptist Pastors
Christians arrested last week sent to Ukraine
Christian Reviewers Reject This Sunday
What film critics in the religious media are saying about Any Given Sunday, The Talented Mr. Ripley, and other top films Weblog
Top stories elsewhere about Christians and Christianity
Clinton Press Secretary Apologizes for Remarks
Baptist congressmen still call for resignation
Religious Freedom Act: One Year Later
Little progress seen so far, but advocates see hope for future
Moscow Meeting Eases Russia's Interchurch Tensions
First major interchurch meeting since 1997 religion law called 'highly important'
The Grove Press Bible
A former porn publisher gets in the Good Book biz
Lord's Prayer a Musical Hit in United Kingdom
Cliff Richard's rejected recording reaches number one
Jailed Sudanese Priests Reject presidential Amnesty
Clerics waiting for 'total acquittal' by courts
Ministries Intensify As East Timorese Refugee Camps Grow
Evangelicals working furiously to meet physical and spiritual needs
Two Major Philippine Churches Sign Agreement for Closer Links
Reformed and Catholic-influenced denominations working toward full union
Leading German Bishop Says Church Will Bow to Rome in Abortion Controversy
Church's participation in abortion counseling will end
Tashkent Christian Threatened with Two-Year Prison Term
Nukus church registration blocked by Uzbek authorities
New Delhi Center Dedicated to Princess Di's Wish to End 'Stigma' of Leprosy
$1.43 million center aimed at education and media
Homosexual Group Institutes Award for Straight Religious Leaders
Former United Church of Christ president receives first award for championing gay rights
Amassed Media: Evolution Wars
What Christian and mainstream presses are saying about the origins debate and its history.
First United Nations 'Spiritual Summit' Planned
1,000 of world's spiritual leaders to meet in August 2000
Jerusalem's Church Leaders Usher in Millennium Celebrations
Protestant, Catholic, and Orthdox heads pray in Manger Square
Help Us Develop Our Souls Mandela Tells World Religious Leaders
Former South Africa president awarded by Parliament of the World's Religions
Australian Church Agrees to Run Controversial Room for Injecting Drugs
Uniting Church steps in after Catholics withdraw under Vatican pressure
Leading Catholic Theologian Outlines His Vision of Next Pope
Church needs a reforming pope, especially regarding sexual ethics, says Hans Kung
Campbell Remains Optimistic As She Looks to Life After the NCC
Retiring general secretary leaving behind an organization in financial crisis
Amassed Media: God Bless America's Candidates
What the religious and mainstream presses are saying about religion on the campaign trail and other issues
Plans for Meeting Between Baptist Jewish Heads Called Off
SBC President says Jewish leaders 'simply wanted opportunity to bash Southern Baptists'
Positive About Potter
Despite what you've heard, Christian leaders like the children's books. Weblog
Top stories elsewhere about Christians and Christianity Weblog
Top stories elsewhere about Christians and Christianity

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Corruption Is a Discipleship Problem
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