Even though we've gone daily with the launch of ChristianityToday.com, we can't cover everything. And sometimes other magazines publish articles we wish we would have thought of. In this new feature, Amassed Media, we'll take note of those articles (and other media tidbits) we think you should be aware know about. Most of these links will take you outside Christianity Online, and all will take you out of ChristianityToday.com. Keep in mind that we're not going to agree with everything that's said in these articles. But whether they're informative, revealing, or just simply entertaining, we think you should be aware of.

Millennialism in The New Republic

The November 8 issue of The New Republic is its 85th Anniversary issue, and the editors devote the cover story to millennialism. It's not an original idea for a cover story (Christianity Today's October 25 issue covered millennialism in the context of our annual Bible issue, which we devoted to Revelation, and Christian History had an issue on the topic earlier this year). The New Republic, however, seems to pull it off as well as anyone. The article, by Anthony Grafton, will strike many of our readers as more secularist claptrap. ("I am as skeptical, detached, committed to tolerance, and appalled by orthodoxy in action as the next man," Grafton writes at one point.) But Christians, even the most ardent dispensationalists, can learn from some of what he has to say. He sometimes expresses respect for those "who eagerly match headlines in USA Today to the sensational events described by LaHaye and Jenkins," especially when he considers "the secularists who kick back in their Barcaloungers, munching corn chips as blood is shed and plots thicken on 'Millennium' or 'The X-Files.' ...

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