Stay conservative or lose, Dobson warns Bush

If Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush chooses a prochoice running mate, religious conservatives will stay home on voting day, James Dobson warned in a Chicago Tribune interview he initiated. His concern is precipitated by Bush's recent appearances with prochoice Republican governors Christine Todd Whitman, Tom Ridge, and George Pataki. "George Bush quite obviously is being told by the Rockefeller Republicans and the Establishment Republicans, who obviously give him millions of dollars, that he needs to move to the middle and avoid the contentious issue of abortion," Dobson says.

Pat Robertson says moratorium on death penalty 'very appropriate'

Speaking at the College of William and Mary's Law School, Pat Robertson was asked if he supported a moratorium on the death penalty. "I think a moratorium would indeed be very appropriate," Robertson replied, noting that its administration discriminates against the poor and minorities. But Robertson also said he wouldn't "crusade" for a moratorium. (See a related Associated Press article, which in its brevity fails to note Robertson 1998 crusade against the death penalty for Karla Faye Tucker).

Evangelical chaplains sue U.S. Navy

The Navy brass effectively run a "religious patronage system," say 11 evangelical Navy chaplains, where high church, mainline Protestants are favored over evangelicals, Pentecostals, and other low church chaplains. The Washington Post's Hanna Rosin recounts the lawsuit's charges: "They are passed up for promotion or forced to retire early. Their congregations are removed after they've tripled in size. They are lectured on pluralism each time they use the word 'Jesus.'"

Chicago Cardinal goes doorknocking

Cardinal Francis George joined hundreds of parishioners from St. Sabina Catholic Church in a Chicago evangelistic campaign at street corners, homes, bus stops, and senior citizens homes. "It's much more rewarding to do this than go back and push papers around the desk," George tells the Chicago Tribune. (See an extremely similar story in the Chicago Sun-Times.)

Church of England bishop praises alcohol abstinence

Last week, took a look at abstinence from alcohol over the course of several articles (see them,,, and ) Saturday's London Times offers a similar article from a local bishop who explains why, even though he's no teetotaler, he encourages the church to take a hard look at alcohol use.

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Missionary ship living isn't easy, but it has its benefits

Many of the 50 or so minors living on the Mercy Ship Anastasis have spent their entire lives on the vessel. "Life is spartan and communal," reports Laura Peek of the London Times. "Single people share cabins, children are stacked on top of each other in bunk beds and even clothes are shared. Food is basic and, along with the water, tinged with the taste of antiseptic. Alcohol is forbidden." But the residents of the ship—even the children—don't mind since they're doing God's work.

Christianity is hip in Australia, reports Melbourne newspaper

"There's a huge move right across the nation among young people," says Brian Houston, president of the Assembly of God Churches in Australia. But according to The Age newspaper, the Christianity that's all the rage among Australia's youth seems to be extremely comfortable with both God and mammon. (One interesting fact: the Newsboys, a Christian band, are the Australia's sixth-highest-paid entertainers.) A related article in the newspaper looks at the organization Christian Surfers (the water kind, not online).

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