April (Web-only) 2000

Gay Issue Second to Organizational Identification in Supreme Court QuestioningSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Australia's Anglican anger continues, a Washington Post columnist tells Christians to fix the Bible, and other religion articles from around the world
Easter en EspañolSubscriber Access Only
Images in Procession: Testimonies of Spanish Faith can awaken us to our own spiritual rituals
Dietrich's Friend EberhardSubscriber Access Only
A fellow resister of the Nazis, editor, and biographer dies half a century after his subject and companion.
Ohio's Motto 'With God All Things Are Possible ' Ruled UnconstitutionalSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Australia's Anglican head says Jesus not the only way, the future looks dim for partial-birth abortion ban, and other stories from the world's media sources.
Keeping Their PromisesSubscriber Access Only
Despite layoffs and low income, the decade-old men's movement marches on.
After Eli n Cuba's Churches Will Play Leading Role in Time of TransitionSubscriber Access Only
Left-leaning ecumenical groups already working together.
National Council of Churches Welcomes End to 'Miami Circus' Over Eli nSubscriber Access Only
General secretary laments use of force, but says he's relieved child is back with father.
Wheaton College Crusaders No MoreSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Triumphant China continues persecution, Sudan halts bombing, and other important and interesting religion news from sources around the world.
Christian Reviewers Praise Violence in U-571Subscriber Access Only
What religious film critics are saying about what's new and popular at the cinema.
Despite Opposition American Lutherans Reaffirm Ecumenical AgreementSubscriber Access Only
Does schism lie ahead for Evangelical Lutheran Church in America?
Adult Converts to Catholicism Up 10 PercentSubscriber Access Only
Plus: First Jesus, now Elián, complain Miami pastors; Christian comics not always funny; and other religion stories from newspapers around the world.
Defending Faith and LearningSubscriber Access Only
Baylor University's Polanyi Center comes under fire from the university's faculty.
Holy WeekliesSubscriber Access Only
U.S. News looks at Jesus' killers, The New York Times Magazine looks at Jesus' re-enactors, and Time goes hunting for miracles.
Maundy ThursdaySubscriber Access Only
Part one of The Great Reversal, a CT Classic article
Good FridaySubscriber Access Only
Part two of The Great Reversal, a CT Classic article
Holy SaturdaySubscriber Access Only
Part three of The Great Reversal, a CT Classic article
Easter SundaySubscriber Access Only
Part four of The Great Reversal, a CT Classic article
When Is Easter This Year?Subscriber Access Only
It may be hard to tell when Easter will fall, but it was even harder for the church to create its calculations.
Amassed Media: Talk About the PassionSubscriber Access Only
The best online resources about the history, significance, and experience of Holy Week
Bible Makes Christians Hate Jews Says Boston Globe ColumnistSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Catholic bishop calls for contraception, another arrest in India missionary's murder, and other religion news stories from around the world.
Keeping the Faith Is in VainSubscriber Access Only
Is in Vain: What Christian film critics are saying about Rules of Engagement, 28 Days, and other top films
Debt Cancellation a Question of 'Justice' Kenya's Anglican Archbishop Tells JapanSubscriber Access Only
Tokyo skeptical toward Jubilee 2000 message
Religious Right Is Good People Says Gay WriterSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Falwell starts voter registration drive, Walter Martin's relatives call for Hank Hanegraaff's resignation, and other religion stories from around the world.
Unless Jesus Says Otherwise Hell Exists Asserts Evangelical ReportSubscriber Access Only
British group acknowledges differences on annihilationism, but says doctrine of hell must be preached again.
In Sri Lanka's No Man's Land Churches Provide Some Hope for RefugeesSubscriber Access Only
Christians mobilize to help nearly a million left homeless by Tamil conflict
Evangelicals Abstain from Zimbabwe's Interfaith BodySubscriber Access Only
Christian group opposes blending of Christianity and traditional African religion.
My Cab Ride With GloriaSubscriber Access Only
Meeting a legend, tearfully
Priest Confesses Sins of Catholics Against PentecostalsSubscriber Access Only
Also: Who attends messianic congregations, Christian organizations in Israel in danger
Sudan Relief Operations EndangeredSubscriber Access Only
Rebel demands cause agencies to curtail efforts.
Free the Potluck! Cry MinnesotansSubscriber Access Only
Also: No government lawyer for abortion case, and the Easter Bunny loses in the polls
Writing FaithfullySubscriber Access Only
A dispatch from Calvin College's Festival of Faith & Writing
Networking Against PovertySubscriber Access Only
African-American churches aim to create 'systemic wealth' in inner-city neighborhoods.
Send Elian Home Say Cuba's EvangelicalsSubscriber Access Only
Church leaders who don't usually agree with Castro or the Cuban Council of Churches say family comes first.
Hell: Yes Say British EvangelicalsSubscriber Access Only
Also: What happens when home-schoolers go to college, and northern Nigeria backs off shari'a
Going Way Outside HollywoodSubscriber Access Only
What Christian film critics are saying about current foreign films
Quiet Prayer in the Capitol Okayed by JudgeSubscriber Access Only
Also: Gay ordinations won't stop in the Episcopal Church, Turner gets religion, and persecution in India spreads.
Amassed Media: The Drink DebateSubscriber Access Only
What Christian leaders past and present have said about social drinking—and where to find them online.
America's Battle Against the BottleSubscriber Access Only
Evangelical support of temperance is no cause for embarrassment in our intemperate society.
Total Abstinence and Biblical PrinciplesSubscriber Access Only
One of Christianity Today's earliest cover stories examined alcohol on the 25th anniversary of Prohibition's repeal.
The Original 'Charitable Choice' ProgramSubscriber Access Only
Transferring authority over Native Americans from the military to the church was a nice idea, but it failed.
Who in Hell?Subscriber Access Only
Theologian John Sanders considers the eternal fate of non-Christians
The Perennial DebateSubscriber Access Only
Christians have never agreed on the salvation for those who have never heard of Christ.
Dobson Threatens Bush with Conservative Walkout if He Chooses Prochoice Running MateSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Robertson supports death penalty moratorium, evangelical chaplains sue the Navy, and other stories from around the world.
Turkey Releases Jailed Christians After 30 DaysSubscriber Access Only
Witnesses admit gendarmarie pressured them to sign complaints
Mongolia Gives Local Christian 13-Year Prison SentenceSubscriber Access Only
Ethnic Kazakh indicted for 'wrong religious propaganda'
Two Indian Christians Beaten to DeathSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Christian Right has mellowed, ELCA board approves communion with Episcopalian Church, and other stories from the world's media sources.
Ralph Reed 'Regrets' Microsoft LobbyingSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Israelis' surprising exposure to Christianity, intercessory prayer 'on rise,' and other news stories from the world's press.
Rules of Less-Than-Engaging FilmsSubscriber Access Only
What Christian critics are saying about Rules of Engagement, The Road to El Dorado, and other top films
Judge OKs Creationism in Library Meeting RoomSubscriber Access Only
Also: Will worship ruin a Russian church and other religion news stories from around the world.
Moscow's Patriarch Accuses West of Double Standards Over ChechnyaSubscriber Access Only
Critics silent on Chechen crimes, says head of the Russian Orthodox Church
Pakistan's Christians 'Not Shocked' by Life Sentence for Former PMSubscriber Access Only
Life has improved, persecution has eased under new leader, say church leaders.
Let Africans Honor Ancestors with Blood Libations in Mass Says BishopSubscriber Access Only
'Is there a way to integrate this custom with their Christian belief as a step towards meaningful inculturation?'
Keeping the FaithSubscriber Access Only
The best scenes of Edward Norton's pseudo-religious film seem like they came long after he was committed to his stereotyping screenplay.
2000 Christianity Today Book AwardsSubscriber Access Only
CT picks the top ten books of the past year
Coming Soon to a Bookshelf Near YouSubscriber Access Only
Christianity Today's annual book awards contain some choice history selections
For Many Russian Christians Bar Codes Signal Coming of the AntichristSubscriber Access Only
Russian Orthodox Church trying to calm fears, but may be making it worse
Lie Is BeautifulSubscriber Access Only
Dante understood irony's use as a weapon against intellectual arrogance.
Famous Christian Athlete at Center of Cricket ScandalSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Why Robertson isn't the only conservative newcomer to death penalty opposition, British farmers stand against Eastern mysticism, and other articles from around the world.
'Hell Took a Body and Discovered God'Subscriber Access Only
One of the oldest and best Easter sermons, now 1,600 years old, is still preached today.
World Evangelical Fellowship Calls for Religious Freedom Across GlobeSubscriber Access Only
'Religion has been sidelined,' group tells United Nations
The Scars of EasterSubscriber Access Only
He knows the wounds of humanity. His hands prove it.
4/24/00Subscriber Access Only
Readers respond to the best books of the century, Easter, and other ChristianityToday.com topics.

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George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
As a person of peace, “Big Floyd” opened up ministry opportunities in the Third Ward housing projects.