Potlucks illegal in Minnesota

Technically, if a public gathering has food, it must be prepared in or served from a state-approved kitchen. Minnesota's health department says it rarely enforces the ban against organizations' potlucks, but it has happened—at a state representative's gathering, no less. A "hotdish bill" allowing potlucks is now before the state legislature.

Supreme Court bars Clinton administration from abortion case

Solicitor General Seth Waxman asked the court for permission for a government lawyer to participate during upcoming arguments over Nebraska's ban on partial-birth abortion. The Supreme Court said no despite its usual approval of such requests.

Amid sex, sun, and suds, Christian college students go evangelizing

The Chicago Tribune tells the tale of a dozen Judson College students who went to Panama City Beach, Florida, to spread the Gospel among their drunken cohorts. "Most of us have never seen anything like this before," 20-year-old Beth Bernard tells the Tribune. "People chugging beer from funnels and everything. The other night a guy flashed us, which was interesting." Ah, the terrors of crosscultural ministry.

Easter Bunny is no Santa Claus

A nationwide survey sponsored by Lutheran Brotherhood says 55 percent of Americans associate Christ on the cross as their primary image of Easter. Family gatherings came in at 16 percent, springtime had 12 percent of the responses, and the Easter Bunny, eggs, or jellybeans split 11 percent of total responses. But was it multiple choice? If not, did the empty tomb not even make the grade?

Seventh-day Adventist pastor pleads not guilty to genocide

Elizaphan Ntakirutimana, 76, rejected the 13 charges of genocide against him. He is in Arusha, Tanzania, after losing ...

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