Christian critics' mixed reaction to Keeping the Faith, a comedy respectful of religion but ignorant of its meaning, made for this week's most interesting discussion. Viewers looking for less controversial fare were encouraged to check out The Miracle Worker, an animated story of Jesus' life told with creative flair.

What's Hot

While Christian critics' initial reaction to Rules of Engagement was tepid, subsequent reviews have turned decidedly enthusiastic for this week's box-office champ. It tells of a Marine (Samuel L. Jackson) being charged with murder for an act of bloodshed committed during combat. The Dove Foundation says it's "extremely well made and thought provoking, … [as it] examines both military and media behavior under the stress of combat." Movieguide concurs, calling it an "exciting, patriotic courtroom drama [that] intelligently explores the moral dilemmas American soldiers sometimes face." Focus on the Family's Tom Neven, who's also a seven-year Marine veteran, has a few more caveats than other reviewers. He was bothered by a flashback scene where the Marine executes a prisoner during the Vietnam war, which the film was "ambivalent" toward. "It's clearly treated as the atrocity it is, yet it also tries to show that it was an exigency of war." Neven still praises the film, though, for its "strong element of faithfulness to duty, courage, and the pursuit of truth and justice." Holly McClure of also has reservations, saying the movie's script "has a lot of loopholes and doesn't really answer the questions that it raises," but nevertheless feels that "this is a perfect example of how the definitions and terms of war have been changed by political correctness and how confusing, exasperating and ...

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