Is Batman Catholic, Episcopalian, or Presbyterian?

Superman is most assuredly a Protestant, writes Andrew Smith, who pens a "Captain Comics" column for the Scripps Howard News Service. But there's a lot of debate over Batman (I've read enough of his pontificating over man's fallen nature to swear he's some breed of Calvinist). Overall in Smith's rundown of superhero religion, Judaism comes out on top. "Captain Comics" doesn't note that this makes more sense when you consider the "fathers" of the modern comic superhero, Superman's Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, were both Jewish.

Catholic priests with AIDS: Did the Kansas City Star blow its statistics?

The Star's three-part series on priests with AIDS has been garnering headlines worldwide. But in an article for Newswatch, a site by the Center for Media and Public Affairs (CMPA), David Murray (research director at the Statistical Assessment Service and S. Robert Lichter (president of CMPA) say the newspaper's survey results are too flawed for to make the assertions the paper made. "There may or may not be a distinctive problem with AIDS among US Catholic priests, but this study cannot provide the evidence needed to determine whether this is so," they report.

Salon columnist in trouble after Bauer infection story

It took several days, but and its sex columnist Dan Savage are being taken to task for his article about trying to infect presidential candidate Gary Bauer with the flu—which also included a note that he voted in the Iowa caucuses despite his official residence in Seattle. Polk County, Iowa Prosecutor John Sarcone " is looking into" voter fraud charges. Meanwhile, Salon editor David Talbot says the site didn't send Savage out to infect Bauer, but that he considers ...

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