February (Web-only) 2000

The Mormon-Evangelical DivideSubscriber Access Only
Beliefs that set Mormons apart, and evangelicals' response.
Spring in Purgatory: Dante Botticelli C.S. Lewis and a Lost MasterpieceSubscriber Access Only
Spring in Purgatory: Dante, Botticelli, C. S. Lewis, and a Lost Masterpiece
Books & Culture Corner SidebarSubscriber Access Only
What C. S. Lewis Wrote About Botticelli
Sure Superman's Protestant But What's Batman?Subscriber Access Only
Priests with AIDS study questioned, Vacation Bible Schools off the hook, and other stories from the mainstream press about Christians and Christianity
Not All Religions Equal Declares Pope John Paul IISubscriber Access Only
Jesus is 'unique Savior,' Pope reiterates; other religions called 'incomplete.'
Australia's New Anglican Leader Promises to Remain OutspokenSubscriber Access Only
Peter Carnley was first to ordain women priests—before female ordination agreed by General Synod.
Gary Bauer Can't Go Home AgainSubscriber Access Only
Internal survey at Family Research Council says 'partisan' leader unwelcome.
12-Year-Old Caught in Fight Between Jews and BaptistsSubscriber Access Only
News stories on the Episcopalian rift, a court battle over a 15-foot Jesus, rosaries, and other topics from media sources around the world.
Cease-Fire in the Worship WarsSubscriber Access Only
A dispatch from the Calvin Symposium on Worship and the Arts
Turkmen Baptist Pastor Threatened with PrisonSubscriber Access Only
Two church members in Turkmenabad fired from jobs
Survey of AIDS Infection Among Priests Shocks U.S. CatholicsSubscriber Access Only
Kansas City Star says priests dying at much higher rate than American population
The Salvation Army Goes for the Casual LookSubscriber Access Only
Plus other stories about the Ten Commandments, 'Intelligent design' theory, and more from the world's press.
I Scream II ScreamSubscriber Access Only
What Christian film critics are saying about Scream 3 and other top-grossing films.
Hillary 'Outraged' Over Mayor's Calling her Hostile Toward ReligionSubscriber Access Only
News stories about Christians and Christianity from the world's mainstream media sources.
Protest Begins as White House Rethinks Policy on Sudan RegimeSubscriber Access Only
Religious leaders urge Clinton administration to act against oppression
Archbishop Caught in War of Words with Zambian GovernmentSubscriber Access Only
Pentecostal leader says government 'ineffective,' selfish.
The Gospel of Jesus ChristSubscriber Access Only
The Gospel of Jesus ChristSubscriber Access Only
An introduction to The Gospel of Jesus Christ: An Evangelical Celebration.
The Gospel of Jesus ChristSubscriber Access Only
An Evangelical Celebration: Drafting and Endorsing Committees
Egyptian Priest Accused of MurderSubscriber Access Only
Village cleric charged with 'provoking violence' in El-Kosheh
Christian Singer Shares Struggles with PornographySubscriber Access Only
Secret sin of Clay Crosse's youth reappears in midst of ministry
The Caged Bird WroteSubscriber Access Only
If only CBS had chosen a true heroine for Black History Month …
Then Again Maybe Don't Be My Valentine
Then Again Maybe Don't Be My ValentineSubscriber Access Only
Does Saint Valentine's Day have its origins in Christian tradition?
Episcopal Methodist churches don't act on homosexualitySubscriber Access Only
Plus: Randall Terry censured by home church, Tom Landry's faith remembered, and other dispatches from the world's media about Christians and Christianity.
Nancy Drew and the Wine-Dark SeaSubscriber Access Only
The importance of good literature—and how to get young people to read it.
Something Old Something TrueSubscriber Access Only
With The Story of Us, released on video today, Hollywood offers a rationale for sticking with marriage.
Why the Presidency Will Stay ProtestantSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Religious tensions flare in Russia, Anglican bishop apologizes for gay ad, and other dispatches from the world's media about Christians and Christianity
White House Attacks Iran on Religious PersecutionSubscriber Access Only
Plus: An archbishop is banned from his parish, a priest is arrested for killing his bishop, and a CT columnist's favorite Simpsons' character.
Movies and Ministry's Mission to MinistersSubscriber Access Only
How a film student is encouraging pastors to bring Hollywood to church.
Church finally taking stand on AIDS says Times of ZambiaSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Government wrangling over religious persecution sanctions, a gospel singer is accused of immodesty, and an Egyptian report says don't worry, riots kill people every day.
Conference of European Churches Will Boycott Austrian Churches Despite Pleas for Non-IsolationSubscriber Access Only
Austria's crisis is a 'severe warning' to churches, says CEC leade
Dobson Rips Bauer for McCain EndorsementSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Religious groups okayed for federal literacy dollars, Billy Graham becomes part of House chaplain controversy, and St. Augustine is being traded for Jesse Ventura.
An Ambitious Abolitionist AccountSubscriber Access Only
In Tim Stafford's novel Stamp of Glory, the main character is a movement
Best Books SurveySubscriber Access Only
Vote for the top books of the 20th century.
Books & Culture CornerSubscriber Access Only
Guelzo's Lincoln Book a Winner
My Views on the GodheadSubscriber Access Only
Jakes responds to Christianity Today article, Apologetics Journal Criticizes Jakes.
Austria's Christians gain support in stand against racismSubscriber Access Only
Comical Hitman Tale Doesn't Slay CriticsSubscriber Access Only
What Christian critics are saying about The Whole Nine Yards and other top-grossing films
Sri Lanka's People Are Not Divided Just the Politicians says ArchbishopSubscriber Access Only
Churches call for peaceful end to Tamil fighting
New Bible translations help to preserve world's disappearing languagesSubscriber Access Only
American church leaders say poverty in unacceptable in world's richest nationSubscriber Access Only
Presbyterians urged to allow liberals to leave over homosexual ordinationSubscriber Access Only
Guess Who?Subscriber Access Only
Can you identify the most influential Christians of the twentieth century?
Life TogetherSubscriber Access Only
The Third Miracle shows that community is central to Christian faith
To Know the UniverseSubscriber Access Only
To Know the Universe Well, sort of.
New and Noteworthy Books: Biblical StudiesSubscriber Access Only
Recent and important releases that will shape evangelical thought
Syrian Christians Brave Insecurity to Stay Behind and Help
Syrian Christians Brave Insecurity to Stay Behind and Help
Preemptive Love’s Jeremy Courtney says despite the Turkey deal, “This crisis shows no sign of letting up, and we can’t either.”