William Safire excoriates World Magazine as 'religio-political sleaze'

Today's New York Times contains a column by William Safire denouncing World Magazine's current cover story of John McCain: "When its editor is Bush's trusted Austin adviser; when its reporter bears the name of the school being abused as a Bush tool in the campaign; when its not-for-profit's funds are used to print, illustrate and distribute a hatchet job on a political opponent to a list of officials and media biggies on a primary election eve—then such backdoor backing of candidate Bush strikes me as religio-political sleaze in action." Expect the magazine to respond in its next issue. And the one after that. …

National Association of Evangelicals, National Council of Churches, others sign "Covenant to Overcome Poverty"

The Call to Renewal conference attendees vow to "prioritize people who are poor." "We want to put poor people on the national agenda—they're not there now," says Call to Renewal founder Jim Wallis. (The Covenant to Overcome Poverty is available on the Call to Renewal site)

Too-big Willow Creek looks for more space

The Barrington, Illinois church already seats 4,500. But the church has grown 20 percent over the last five years, and so it's rushing to build a $50 million auditorium that will seat nearly 9,000.

"Finally, the Church is taking an open and bold stand on the issue of HIV/AIDS."

So says the lead sentence in a Times of Zambia article about a conference on "The role of religion/church in the fight against HIV/AIDS." The Times coverage of the conference echoes the current Christianity Todaycover story.

Government agencies wrestle over religious persecution in Sudan

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom wants to stop Sudan ...

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