Los Angeles Times puts ex-gay ministries on its front page

"No one seems sure exactly how many change ministries there are today," writes Scott Gold. But he's found enough to suggest it's the next big thing among Christians. And, for a front-page news story, it's pretty clear where Gold is coming from. "Gay activists denounce them as fraudulent, and psychologists say the ministries are proceeding on a false premise that homosexuality is a disorder that can--or should--be reversed," he writes. "The groups rarely claim conversion rates above 30 percent, and even those conversions are not independently verified. Yet the groups are finding new acceptance, and drawing new vigor, from mainstream and conservative Christian denominations." Then there's this spectacularly ill-informed comment: "Having lost several political battles on the abortion and school-prayer fronts, conservative Christians have focused on homosexuality as a crusade, theologians and religious leaders say."

Speaking of crusades …

Despite Wheaton College president's claim that he is "tone deaf" to political correctness, the Los Angeles Times' Roy Rivenburg fears that the school's dropping of its Crusader mascot was motivated by P.C. thinking—and that the school may never be able to find an inoffensive replacement. "Indeed, many of the suggestions for a new Wheaton mascot carry their own potentially negative baggage," he writes. "The Chargers? That's an insult to the credit-impaired. Cyclones? An unrelievedly negative symbol to trailer park residents and/or wicked witches of the West. Rams? Upsetting to Los Angeles football fans. Ambassadors? Offensive to political donors who can't afford to buy a diplomatic post. Even the Eagle, which Christianity Today magazine ...

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