July (Web-only) 2000

Colonial Soul
The Cross and The Tomahawk series examines our nation's past from many perspectives.
Healing Genocides at Home and Abroad
Commentary from Amsterdam 2000.
Covenant to End Poverty
Ecumenical leader insists that churches must act together to aid poor.
Will Gross-out Humor Gross a Ton at the Box Office?
Reviews of Nutty Professor II, plus What Lies Beneath, and Thomas and the Magic Railroad.
Amsterdam 2000 Called the Most Multinational Event Ever
10,287 evangelists and other participants represent 209 nations and territories.
Drilling the Evangelists on the Evangel
Doctrinal training takes center stage at Amsterdam 2000, while staffers work against theological controversy.
Ten-Commandments Judge Aims for High Post
After taking on the ACLU, Moore is now a nominee for the Alabama Supreme Court.
Daily Life in the Maluku Islands: Chaos Fear and the Threat of Violence
Christians plead for international monitoring to prevent Jihad raids, and more aid for refugees.
Roaring Lambs
The Evangelical Culture of Euphemism, Part 3
Back to the Bible?
More public schools experiment with Bible-as-literature curriculum.
Billy Graham a No-Show at Amsterdam 2000
Evangelist, watching from Minnesota, bows out of satellite address, will probably forgo later remarks as well.
Incarnating Mystery
Incarnating Mystery
Michael Card argues that a proper view of Christ is a key to creativity.
The Fifth Evangelist
Johann Sebastian Bach was a musician who lived the Bible.
World's Reformed Churches Celebrate 125-Year Alliance
Representatives from five continents gather to mark more than a century of growth and change
IRS Oredered to Refund Christian Coalition's Taxes
Plus: The He Said No controversy, home colleging, and other news stories from the world's mainstream media.
Bill Bright Announces Retirement
Current veep Stephen Douglass to lead Campus Crusade for Christ in July 2001.
Authorities Destroy 'Church' in Vietnam
Crude structure in Ho Chi Minh City slum had been erected only hours earlier.
A Plague of Frogs
What Christian critics are saying about What Lies Beneath, Loser, the new Pokémon movie, and other films.
'Thorny' Issue Proves to be an Obstacle for Catholic-Orthodox Commission
Fate of Eastern Catholic Churches in post-communist Europe and Russia still unresolved.
Christian Bioethics Conference Gets Wired
Plus: House backs In God We Trust, a Reform rabbi supports messianic Jews, and other stories from around the world.
German Church Confesses to Using Forced Laborers During War
Germany's main Protestant body will contribute $4.7 million to compensation fund.
The Evangelical Culture of Euphemism Part 2
Should we distinguish between public and private discourse?
Uh-Oh Cheerios: General Mills Apologizes for Giving Away Bible CDs
Plus: Street preachers discuss strategy, Bush is tired of articles about his faith, and other news stories from the mainstream press.
African Methodist Episcopal Church Elects Its First Woman Bishop
The stained glass ceiling has been pierced, says Vashti McKenzie.
Jerusalem's Church Leaders Tell Summit Not to Separate City's Christians
Christians worried about dividing Old City between Palestinian and Israeli control.
Are Ex-Gay Ministries the Next Big Thing?
Plus: The search for an inoffensive mascot, Philadelphia clergy protest a newspaper headline, and other stories from around the Internet
How the Other Half Lived
Chronicling the forgotten gender in the Bible and church history.
Churches Put Pressure for Swift Action to Calm Maluku Violence
Indonesian army joining in attacks on Christians.
Somali Convert in Yemen Transferred to Immigration Jail
U.N. agency proposing emergency resettlement for Christian convert from Islam.
X and Sex
What film critics are saying about X-Men, The Perfect Storm, and how the movies are changing human sexuality.
Plans to Resolve India's Interfaith Tensions Face Delays and Accusations
Did India's National Commission for Minorities plan meeting to discredit Christians?
Clergyman's Attacker Makes a Public Confession and Embraces Christianity
But former youth squad member refuses to finger person behind last June's beating.
No Ban on Internet Gambling
Plus: Muslims may be behind some of India's attacks on Christians, and other stories from news sources around the world.
Speaking with Action Against AIDS
A report from the Thirteenth International AIDS Conference.
Special Offended about Being Offended Edition
Contest winners respond to Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg—and to Weblog.
The Culture of Euphemism
A dispatch from the Christian Booksellers Association convention.
Bush May Pick Prochoice Running Mate
Plus: Harry Potter at CBA? More killings in Indonesia, and other stories from around the Internet.
Film: Cameras Rolling
Film: Cameras Rolling
Bestseller Left Behind's big-screen debut set for 2001.
A Cure for Cliophobia
While not for dummies or complete idiots, a new guide introduces church history to the beginner.
Churches Call for Inquiry Into Zimbabwe's Pre-Election Violence
In the meantime, accept the election results says Zimbabwe Council of Churches
By Siding With Broadcasters Have Republicans Opposed Churches?
Plus: NBA stadium may become church, fewer teens are having sex, and other news stories from around the Internet.
Robert Runcie Former Archbishop of Canterbury Dies at Age 78
Thatcher-era leader of Church of England had controversial tenure
U.S. Ambassador for Religious Freedom to Resign
Robert Seiple stepping down to form think tank at Eastern College.
Episcopal Church Won't Create Same-Sex Union Rite
Plus: Billy Graham out of the hospital, the first Weblog contest, and more stories from around the Internet.
Are Hollywood Execs Focusing on their Families?
What Christian critics are saying about Scary Movie, The Kid, Butterfly, and other current features.
Behold the Power of Cheese
A dispatch from the Christian Booksellers Association
Still Red-Hot and Righteous
The Salvation Army's International Congress meets outside London for the first time since its founding.
Swaggart Fundraiser Stole $769 000 to Meet Women
Plus: Better ways for single Christians to meet each other; is Christianity Today hip? and other articles from outside media sources.
Remembering Clayton Bell
Christianity Today's CEO eulogizes the organization's chairman.
Fifty Years After Fleeing North Korea Syngman Rhee Becomes U.S. Church Head
For first time, no white male candidates for PCUSA moderator.
Get Outta My Face!
The most troublesome word in religion today.
Episcopal Church Approves Alliance with Lutherans
Plus: Are Christian book publishers lying? Is Gore really born again? and other stories from media sources across the Internet.
Egyptian Security Police Threaten Torture Local Christian
Coptic Orthodox layman targeted for alleged evangelism activities.
Will the Episcopal Church Decide Not to Decide on Gay Unions Ordinations?
Plus: Politicians around the world preach to the black church, Vatican reaffirms ban on communion for remarried Catholics, and other news stories from around the world.
New Stabs at Old Wounds
Why Northern Ireland doesn't always love a parade.
Yemen Court Sentences Somali Convert to Death
Former Muslim given one week to recant Christianity or face execution.
You Say You Want a Revolutionary War Film
What Christian critics are saying about The Perfect Storm, The Patriot, Chicken Run, and other films.
Bryant Gumbel Reportedly Calls Family Research Council Spokesman Something Very Very Bad
Plus: CTi chairman Clayton Bell dies, genes in church, and other stories from other media sources.
Presbyterians Propose Ban on Same-Sex Ceremonies
Change to church constitution, which passes by only 17 votes, now goes to presbyteries.
It Takes a Village to Raise a Child...
… but for an abortion, you only need a doctor and a nurse or two.
No Gay Unions in Presbyterian Churches
Plus: Focus puts the pressure on Procter & Gamble, and the fight to ban partial-birth abortions continues.
No More Hollow Jesus
In focusing so intently on Jesus the man, Peter Jennings' report missed the big picture.
Suicide and the Silence of Scripture
Though the church has come to opposing conclusions about the fate of victims, we have a mandate to minister to those left behind.
Billy Graham Too Ill for Amsterdam 2000
Evangelist will deliver address via satellite.

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