Ten Commandments train keeps moving, this time in Kentucky

In the wake of the Kentucky General Assembly's approval of a massive Ten Commandments bill, USA Today tries to take the pulse of the Ten Commandments movement and its detractors. The Kentucky bill, now awaiting the governor's signature, requires schools to teach how Christianity influences America and mandates that a large monument of the Ten Commandments be placed on the grounds of the state Capitol.

It doesn't look good for high school football prayer

Judging from the questions asked at Wednesday's Supreme Court arguments, it looks like a Texas school district will no longer be allowed student invocations before football games. Sandra Day O'Connor and Anthony M. Kennedy, considered the "swing votes" in the ruling, seemed especially concerned that the district has not done enough to avoid the impression of promoting religion. (See more coverage in the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, and the Freedom Forum.)

Suspect in missionary murder says he didn't do it, but he's not sorry it happened

"I was not involved in the Manoharpur killing. I don't know who did it, but I have no regrets for the incident," says Dara Singh, accused of leading an Indian mob that killed Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two sons.

Church's plan to buy prostitutes a worldwide hit

Calls—and donations—are coming into St. Sabina's Roman Catholic Church in Chicago after it announced plans to evangelize prostitutes by purchasing their time. There have been few critics, but the pastors says, ""Fine. This is our way. I didn't say it was the only way."

Judson College honors its namesake

Adoniram Judson, a Baptist pioneer missionary to Burma (now Myanmar), died 150 years ago on April 12. Judson College, the Elgin, Illinois, school named for the missionary, is celebrating with an art exhibit of Burmese art and by issuing a film and a book on Judson.

Irish Clergy disapprove of eulogies at funerals

The Anglican Church of Ireland agrees with new recommendations by the Catholic Church Liturgy Commission that eulogies are best left out of church funerals. "So many go on forever and are over the top," the secretary of the Commission on the Liturgy tells The Irish Times. "It is best not done."

Effort to rid airwaves of Dr. Laura signifies 'Hollywood's new blacklist,' says Canadian columnist

"If the gays scuttle Dr. Laura, a devotion to conventional Judaeo-Christian teachings will be the love that dare not speak its name," writes Mark Stein of Canada's National Post.

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