March (Web-only) 2000

Everyone Has Something to Say about McCain's 'Agents Of Intolerance' CommentSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Who owns Jesus, and a Christian band eschews the label
Four Christians Released By Saudi AuthoritiesSubscriber Access Only
One detained Filipino still waiting for employer's guarantee
Christian Uzbek Pastor Marks One Year in PrisonSubscriber Access Only
Jailers reportedly beating pastor for witnessing.
With More than 1,000 Dead Nigeria Faces Possible Civil War Over ReligionSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Is the Scandal of the Evangelical Mind over? Is it time to masculinize church vestments? Is the Antichrist here? and other topics
The Challenge of the Lenten SeasonSubscriber Access Only
Evangelical Protestants are caught between freedom in Christ and sacred observance.
Let's Lengthen Lent
Let's Lengthen LentSubscriber Access Only
The season can be a beautiful and deeply moving experience of walking with Jesus to the cross.
Marriage SaversSubscriber Access Only
California churches crucial in Prop. 22 debate.
ABC's '20/20' to Air Report on Fetal-Tissue Trafficking TonightSubscriber Access Only
House of Representatives Committee holding hearings on subject Thursday
National Association of Evangelicals Leader Says Republican Candidates Don't UnderstandSubscriber Access Only
Plus: School prayer, God on TV, Michael English falls again, and other news stories from the world's media sources.
Court Upholds Good Friday LawsSubscriber Access Only
Build Bridges but Fight Fanaticism India's Churches ToldSubscriber Access Only
National Council of Churches in India will also work against strengthening of caste system.
Catholic Priest Fears Violence will Continue in Southern PhilippinesSubscriber Access Only
We must prepare for the worst, he says of directionless peace talks.
Can Calling Someone a Hate Criminal Be a Hate Crime?Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Canada's National Post laments anti-Christian bigotry, Catholics and Protestants unite for Ash Wednesday services, and other religion news stories.
Bob Jones University Drops Interracial Dating BanSubscriber Access Only
Fundamentalist school finds itself thrust into Republican presidential debate.
Bigotry Alleged in Chaplaincy ChoiceSubscriber Access Only
Three months after controversy began, lots of partisan sniping but still no chaplain vote in U.S. House.
The Man They Made a MonkeySubscriber Access Only
William Jennings Bryan won the battle but lost the war against teaching evolution in the schools.
Modernism's MosesSubscriber Access Only
>Harry Emerson Fosdick, one of the century's most controversial Christians, devoted much of his life to fighting fundamentalism
Putting the Poor on the National AgendaSubscriber Access Only
Ron Sider's timely proposals
Ron Sider's Unsettling Crusade
Ron Sider's Unsettling CrusadeSubscriber Access Only
Why does this man irritate so many people?
Pope Asks Forgiveness for Sins Committed by Sons of the ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Slate analyzes Chuck Colson but doesn't understand Protestant Christianity, creationism's most famous enemy may be helping the cause, Lent gets easier, and other topics.
Two Turkish Christians JailedSubscriber Access Only
Judge refuses bail during 'religious slander' investigation
Irish Church Rule on Clergy Couples Prompts Pair to Seek Joint Refuge in USSubscriber Access Only
Married Anglican priests now live together in Maryland
Will Gore Go After Bush's FaithSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Democrats using Bob Jones University as campaign tool, Seventh-Day Adventists sue for their name, Thomas Nelson's secret book, and other news stories from around the world.
Pope Asks Forgiveness for Past Betrayal of the GospelSubscriber Access Only
Church's 'children' made mistakes, but the church is sacred, says John Paul II
Scouts Defend Homosexuality PolicySubscriber Access Only
Supreme Court scheduled to hear case in April
Mission to Mars Explodes on LaunchpadSubscriber Access Only
What Christian film critics are saying about the weekend's top ten.
Indonesian Religious Riot Death Toll Dwarfs 30 New CorpsesSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Charges dropped against priest in Egypt riots, Pope accused of 'watering down' apology, and black churches wake up to AIDS crisis.
At Historic Service Polish Church Leaders Ask Pardon for Past MistakesSubscriber Access Only
Catholic, Orthodox, and Lutheran heads apologize for egoism and indifference.
Turkmen Secret Police Deports Baptist CoupleSubscriber Access Only
More expulsions expected as efforts continue to stop 'illegal' religious activity
Now You Must Forgive Mozambique its Debts Methodist Bishop Tells WestSubscriber Access Only
Economic situation 'has gone from precarious to catastrophic' after flooding
Receiving the Day the Lord Has Made (Part 1)Subscriber Access Only
A day of rest is God's gift to us. Part 12
Receiving the Day the Lord Has Made (Part2)Subscriber Access Only
A day of rest is God's gift to us. Part
Prosecutor's Bible Quoting Saves Murderer's LifeSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Indiana okays the Ten Commandments, Florida nixes vouchers, the Vatican faces an identity crisis, and other stories from the world's media.
Turkmenistan Refuses To Register Bible SocietySubscriber Access Only
Government confiscating Turkmen, Russian Scriptures
90-year-old Granny D Walks Across US to Become a Prophet and ScourgeSubscriber Access Only
3,200-mile walk a holy crusade for campaign finance reform
Where East and West MeetSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Taco Bell's delicious Lent, Bob Jones University reposts 'cult' statement, and other Christian news from the world's media.
Forgive and RememberSubscriber Access Only
Pope John Paul II's apology was unprecedented, but not entirely unique.
Amassed Media: I Click TodaySubscriber Access Only
A look at the Web's best sites about Patrick, one of the world's most famous missionaries
No Political Meaning in Pope's Visit to Holy Land says Latin PatriarchSubscriber Access Only
'This question of meddling or not meddling in the peace process is not a question that concerns the pilgrimage of the Holy Father,' says Archbishop Michel Sabbah.
Peace Be With YouSubscriber Access Only
Looking beyond naivete and cynicism about peacemaking at Wheaton's Christianity and Violence conference.
Graduation Prayer Okay If All Student-InitiatedSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Quoting the Bible in court is okay in Ohio (but not Georgia), the minuses of plus signs in Israel, Hollywood slips one by the protesters, and other news stories from the mainstream press.
National Council of Churches Making Gun Control Top Legislative PrioritySubscriber Access Only
We must halt America's gun 'scourge,' says general secretary
Only Human Contact Can Ease Kosovo Tension Says Orthodox 'Cyber-Monk'Subscriber Access Only
Father Sava Janjic is pessimistic about the future
Flamingoed' for MissionsSubscriber Access Only
How lawn ornaments became 'a way to glorify God.'
Internet Pornography Use Common in many Libraries Report SaysSubscriber Access Only
Librarian-researcher claims American Library Association thwarted study
Oscar Grouches and GloriesSubscriber Access Only
What Christian movie critics are saying about Best Picture nominations and other top films of 1999.
Physicist Wins Templeton Prize for Progress in ReligionSubscriber Access Only
Freeman Dyson, midwife of Quantum Electrodynamics, futurist, and popularizer of science, honored for work on responsible science.
Lunatic Liar Lord or Really Nice Guy?Subscriber Access Only
Plus: The pope goes to Israel, evangelicals run out of Mexican village, and Christian alt-rocker Gene Eugene dies
Taiwanese Church Leader Calls for Recognition of Island's SovereigntySubscriber Access Only
Presbyterian Church in Taiwan in forefront of campaign for Taiwan's independence
China's Cardinal Ignatius Kung: Loyal to Very EndSubscriber Access Only
Chinese church leader, oldest Roman Catholic cardinal, dies at age 98
Indian Churches Protest 'Price Tag' for Christian ConversionSubscriber Access Only
Orissa ordering official permission, fees to change religion
Church Council Urges Swift Resolution of Zimbabwe's Row over White FarmsSubscriber Access Only
Land redistribution must be done in a systematic, just and transparent manner
US House Finally Gets Chaplain and He's a Catholic PriestSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Supreme Court OKs mandatory student fees, Texas church is site of shooting, and the U.K. National Gallery looks at Jesus.
Heaven Can't WaitSubscriber Access Only
Mass suicides, like last week's in Uganda, may be a newer tactic, but the temptation to predict, even force, the coming of kingdom bliss is not.
Bombs Continue to Fall on Ministry Hospitals in SudanSubscriber Access Only
Samaritan's Purse hit for fourth time, two killed in Voice of the Martyrs bombing
Pope Tells Palestinians to Seek Hope in the Place Where Jesus was BornSubscriber Access Only
Kiss of ground symbolic as John Paul II calls for Palestinian homeland
At Jerusalem's Holocaust Memorial Pope Regrets Persecution of JewsSubscriber Access Only
Catholic Church 'deeply saddened by anti-Semitism directed against the Jews by Christians.'
Florida School Voucher Plan Struck Down by State JudgeSubscriber Access Only
Church-state issues not addressed in ruling
I Read the News TodaySubscriber Access Only
Finding the most important story in headlines' sum
Revival a Myth says George BarnaSubscriber Access Only
Plus: The Lord's Prayer causes a stir in Canada and Israel, and Gary Bauer, heroic martyr.
Vermont House Approves Civil Unions for Homosexual CouplesSubscriber Access Only
Amended bill defines 'marriage' as heterosexual
Islamic FundamentalsSubscriber Access Only
Christians have a responsibility to understand our Muslim neighbors and their beliefs
Lutherans Organize Opposition to Historic EpiscopateSubscriber Access Only
Plus: New House chaplain says 'move on,' Canada's Uniting Church moves against official Lord's Prayer, and sports collides with religion.
Power in UnitySubscriber Access Only
President of NAE embraces new strategy.
Preach the Message of the Beatitudes Pope says in Sermon on MountSubscriber Access Only
100,000 hear message by Sea of Galilee
How Muslims See ChristianitySubscriber Access Only
Many Muslims don't understand Christianity—especially the idea of salvation by grace through faith.
Chicago Church Raises Money to Hire ProstitutesSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Dignified anger and judgment at Anglican meeting, Messianic Muslims, and The Cider House Doesn't Rule.
Despite the Cleavage Christian Film Critics Like Erin BrockovichSubscriber Access Only
What Christian movie reviewers are saying about the week's top films.
Do Evangelicals Practice Holistic Outreach?Subscriber Access Only
World Evangelical Fellowship focuses on broad demands of Great Commission.

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Want to Love Your Neighbor? Start By Fighting Your Own Sin.
Want to Love Your Neighbor? Start By Fighting Your Own Sin.
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