Tufts University de-recognizes Christian fellowship

The Tufts University student government has banned the school's chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship from using the school's name, meeting in its classrooms, spending its student activity fees, or promoting its events through the university's listing services. Tufts Christian Fellowship (TCF) had refused a leadership position to a bisexual student because of her beliefs on sexuality. The student complained to the administration and student government, and two weeks later, TCF was officially unrecognized. The decision has set off a furor of response from the evangelical community, making Charles Colson's Breakpoint radio commentary, WorldNetDaily, Conservative News Service, and The Washington Times. But the best places to find information about the controversy are the TCF Web site and Tufts Daily, the school's newspaper. A similar situation is going on at Middlebury College, where the administration is deciding whether to force the school's InterVarsity chapter to allow homosexual students in leadership posts. According to a front-page article of The Boston Globe examining the Tufts and Middlebury cases, evangelicals at Grinnell College face a similar battle.

Despite boycott and protests, installation of Australia's Anglican Church primate goes on

Peter Carnley, who was surrounded by controversy last week over comments he made challenging Christ's uniqueness and resurrection, was installed as head of Australia's Anglicans "to thunderous applause," reports The Age newspaper. Meanwhile, reports the Sydney Morning Herald, Carnley was denounced from Sydney pulpits while parishioners signed a petition asking the synod to reinforce its commitment to doctrine.

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