Attacks on Britain's churches on the rise

Each year, two British churches are torched by arsonists and £28 million (US $42 million) worth of materials are stolen from houses of worship. Even worse, last year saw 462 attacks on Britain's religious clerics, according to watchdog group National Churchwatch.

"Panty Raider" video game attracts attention

The stripping-themed game, apparently a satire of the popular "Tomb Raider" series, has garnered the ire of Dads and Daughters, the National Center for Policy Research for Women and Families, the Center for Health and Gender Equity, and the American Family Association. Folks, listen: sometimes people do things just to provoke you, get some media attention, and make a couple of quick bucks. Without these protests, would anyone have even heard of this game? Probably not. As Jonathan Kay, senior editor of, notes, this cheap game would have headed "straight for the bargain bins."

Will hurt brick-and-mortar Christian bookstores?

"There seems to be some ambivalence within the [Christian bookstore] industry about Web businesses such as and other Christian-oriented e-commerce sites," reports the Chicago Tribune. "In fact, competitors for [these stores] are the mega-chains such as Borders, Crown Books and Barnes & Noble, all of which have begun to carry some religious titles in an effort to tap into a growing market." Meanwhile, several Christian bookstores are taking a "wait and see" approach to e-commerce, worried that "spending too much time on a Web site would take away from the brick-and-mortar business."

File Sinead O'Connor music under "Christian"?

The latest album by Sinead O'Connor, who once tore up a picture of the pope on Saturday ...

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