As reports have surfaced this week that at least 35 Weigh Down Workshop employees were coerced to leave their jobs after they refused to attend a church formed by Weigh Down founder Gwen Shamblin, Shamblin has stepped-up defense for her dieting program and theology.

Shamblin sent an e-mail to Weigh Down Workshop participants on Tuesday, September 12 in an attempt to clarify her stance on the Trinity and to urge others to stand with her.

"In light of the recent attack on my ministry it is time for me to stand up," Shamblin writes. "And it is time for people in Weigh Down to stand up and defend God's truth and his servants against people jumping to the wrong conclusions simply because I have expressed my concerns against some of the confusing teachings of the Trinity."

She goes on to outline her belief that understanding Christ's position in the Trinity is essential to implementation of the lifestyle advocated by Weigh Down. Quoting Philippians 2:5-6, Shamblin writes "We have been asked to pick up our cross daily and follow THIS Jesus. ... My experience has been that some of the Trinity teachings confuse some people on how we are supposed to live like Jesus if Jesus and God are the same being.

"The reason all of this is important is that if you do not understand that God is the clear authority and that Jesus was under God's authority, then you will not have a clear picture of what it means to be Christ like. Jesus suffered, obeyed, submitted, denied his will, and made it his food to do the will of the Father."

Later Shamblin writes, "I believe that Jesus and God are two separate beings." She also says that she does not believe that Jesus and God are equal in power and glory, but that "the head of Christ is God." The e-mail also ...

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