Amnesiac pastor's post precarious
He reportedly can't remember his past, and now his future's shaky too. As noted earlier in Weblog, married youth minister Wesley Barrett "Barre" Cox disappeared one day near San Antonio. He reappeared 16 years later as James Simmons, an amnesiac but still a preacher. Now he's senior pastor at White Rock Community Church, a predominantly gay congregation in Dallas. As doubt continues to swirl around Cox's/Simmons's story, the pastor has called for a vote. Unless two-thirds of his new congregation affirms him, he'll leave. Apparently the vote is in doubt: message boards on the church Web site indicate a pretty divided congregation.

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  • Religious outrage over pink tourism | Religious leaders tell Cape Town mayor to stop promoting the city as the "gay capital of the world." (The Independent, Johannesburg, South Africa)
  • ORU's gay alumni plan event | Oral Roberts University extends "cautiously cordial'' invitation to homosexual graduates (Associated Press)
  • Britain will hear Cayman's complaints on gay laws | U.K. government will accept petition from Caymanian church leaders angered over revocation of territory's laws against homosexuality, but it does not plan to change its decision. (Associated Press)
  • A man and a woman, period | Holy matrimony excludes same-sex unions, interfaith coalition says (The Toronto Star)

British Christian dating service:

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  • Getting to know you, after an intimately Christian fashion | Organizers of believe their matchmaking service will fill a hole in the hearts of many young people for whom the traditional church is no longer the place to meet Mr. and Mrs. Right. (The Guardian, London)

Falun Gong and religious liberty:

Uncommon evangelism:

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