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Did Open Debate Help The Openness Debate? (Feb. 19, 2001)
I want to commend you for printing the "Open Theism Debate" article. I was unaware that this was such a hot potato among the Baptist General Conference. The subject is of vast interest and the use of the computer for good and bad responses was interesting. I am saddened that when we discuss theology we often throw bricks instead of roses. Thanks for publishing this.

Trained to Thrill (Feb. 13, 2001) I am writing about the computer game Catechumen. While it was a noble effort for N'Lightning to try to make a computer game without blood and gore, their game is a failure in several respects. First, the quality of the game is terrible. As a professional computer game developer and someone who enjoys playing games frequently, I can say that Catechumen is one of the worst first-person shooter games I have seen. The graphics are poor quality, the player movement is awkward and unrealistic, the first three weapons (available in the demo) are virtually identical, and I could go on. For USA Today to state that it "deftly matches its secular counterparts challenge for challenge and thrill for thrill" is completely untrue. Secular titles selling for the same price or less are miles ahead in terms of art quality, gameplay, special effects, etc. If this game indeed had an $850,000 budget over 18 months, those investors put their money into the wrong developers. Second, Christians ...

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